Most of you have never heard of Elmer Batters (1919-1997). I had not heard of him until a about 10 years ago. When I discovered his pioneering work as a photographer in foot fetish genre.

I understood that this was an area of interest that is shared by many. It was primarily the Internet who suddenly brought attention to photographers like Batters from a more obscure and anonymous corner of erotic photography.

The famous photographer Steven Meisel collaborated with Elmer Batters the last 10 years of Batters life, and he says Elmer Batters can not be copied. Batters told that he «posed» models’ legs and feet with his own hands, so the details would be correct. Meisel has tried the same (including the famous Hollywood actress Eva Mendez for Vogue in 2008), but he has never managed to copy the legend and genius Elmer Batters.

Many have tried, but we will probably just be pale copies of the original true legend…